Armchair in the Sun
The painting Armchair in the Sun has been featured in The Leisure Painter magazine, as the "Editor's Choice".

A number of paintings have been chosen as images of the month on The Painters-on-Line website.

I'm a member of the Birmingham Art Circle. I also exhibit regularly with my local art society -the Sutton Coldfield Society of Artists - at the Bedford Suite, Sutton Coldfield Town Hall. Our next exhibition will be on show in May 2020.

A group of us from the Society will be exhibiting at the Holy Trinity Church in Sutton Coldfield during the week of 9th December - 14th December when the Church will be open from 5 pm - 7 pm, (10 am - 2 pm on Saturday 14th December). The Church will have its Christmas shop open and refreshments will be available. Everyone is welcome.

I also took part once again, in the Sutton Coldfield Art Trail which was held on the weekend of 22nd/23rd June, details of which can be found on the website. Next year's event is scheduled to take place on the weekend of 13th/14th June.